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Epic Longboards specializes in the highest quality boards available. Each longboard skateboard is beautifully finished and handcrafted. With an industry that has become a vast array of cookie cut-out boards mass produced, we felt a need to fill a gap, and go back to how it all started by creating something with a little more personal touch behind it.

At 57 inches, our longboards are long enough to take a short walk to the nose and hang out for a while, or find that sweet spot in the mid section and carve until your hearts content.

Our solid hardwood longboard decks are available in six variations of shapes and patterns. Our hardwood is hand selected Mahogany and Maple to create a high contrast design that will be classic and enduring.Regardless if you're a lightweight or weigh 200+ we have the board for you.


NEW 48" Kahala Hardwood Longboard


These boards are in stock and ready to ship.

125.00 DECK ONLY






Thanks for stopping by our web site. Enjoy the pictures, video, and atmosphere. We know you will find the ride your looking for here at Epic Longboards.